Terms of Service

This Terms of Service (“Agreement”) is a legal agreement between us (“Diamond Resupply”) and the entity or person (“you”) who registered on the https://diamondresupply.net registration page or made a purchase to receive services provided by us that apply to video games.

Please make sure you fully understand the contents of this Agreement. If you have any doubts about any of your rights and obligations resulting from your acceptance of this Agreement, please consult us or obtain legal support.



1. General

1.1 Diamond Resupply sells time in the form of services. We do not claim to be the owners or representatives of the trademarks, brands and intellectual properties of others they remain the property of their original copyright owners.

1.2 The service is hosted under the name (domain) of https://diamondresupply.net (the website) and is not affiliated with any other site, company, brand, organization, or similarly named entity resembling it.

1.3 The process by which our service will be carried out differs depending on the game and service requested by the customer. All orders will be finished within a reasonable time frame. If we fail to meet your expectations regarding the quality and speed of our service, you, our customer, may contact us and request a partial or full refund. We undergo serious internal procedures to deal with such situations, take measures to ensure we perform at the highest level on the market.

1.4 All services available on www.diamondresupply.net are delivered via digital delivery means such as email or services.

1.5 When placing an order, the customer must provide genuine accurate and complete information, as well as maintain this information up to date. If a user provides false information during checkout or Diamond Resupply has reasonable grounds to believe that the information given or provided by the customer is false, inaccurate, or incomplete, Diamond Resupply has the discretion to refuse the customer in placing an order and/or cancel any existing orders.

1.6 Customer agrees to protect the confidentiality of information used to access their account. The customer also agrees to immediately notify Diamond Resupply of any unauthorized access ( carried out by a third party without consent ) to their account, using their email address and password, and/or any other breach of confidentiality that relates to their account.


2. Refunds

2.1 Refunds can only be issued if the product or service is not completed/delivered within a reasonable time frame after purchase. If the product or service cannot be delivered due to the customer refusing to follow instructions or meet certain requirements, a refund is not eligible.

2.2 Due to the nature of these products/services, it is impossible for us to remove the items from your account or fully recover an account that has been sent to you, therefore a refund is not possible once the account or service has been completed/delivered.


3. Order Delivery

3.1 The quality of an order provided by Diamond Resupply will fully meet all the requirements specified in the exact order.

3.2 Customers are notified of the completed order via an order update email sent to the email address the customer inputs when creating an account/order on diamondresupply.com, After completing the order, a screenshot will be taken to confirm the delivery of the customers order. The screenshot provided is considered as a guarantee of the completed order in case of any dispute filed against that specific order.

3.3 The customer must follow and complete any required instructions that allow us to complete an order. If the customer does not complete the necessary instructions within the required delivery time frame, such order cannot be completed and will be placed on hold until they have been followed.

3.4 In the event where a service is not delivered as promised, or other conditions are not met pertaining to the order, the customer may contact us within 72 hours from when the order was finished, or while the order is in progress and we will gladly find a solution or a compromise.

3.5 If the customer is not satisfied with the result of the service carried out, he/she may request additional revisions by contacting Diamond Resupply.

3.6 Any payment dispute or third-party mediation started by you without contacting us in advance can result in cancellation of your order and no refund. should you fail to abide, the customer accepts full liability in a court of law as determined by the European Trade Laws.

3.7 The customer accepts that if he/she starts a chargeback during or after the order’s completion, it is in direct breach of Diamond Resupply Terms of Service, and they are legally bound to either close the chargeback or pay back the same amount in addition to a fee determined by Diamond Resupply, no less than $20 and no more than twice the original amount. Should you fail to abide by either option, the customer accepts full liability in a court of law as determined by the European Trade Laws.


4. Copyright

4.1 Diamond Resupply gives you a limited license to access the website with the sole purpose to purchase or use the services and products offered for personal use only.

4.2 Diamond Resupply does not permit without obtaining our prior written consent to do the following: reproducing, duplicating, copying any content of Diamond Resupply such as ( including but not limited to ) product listings, descriptions, logos, images, using or framing any trademarks or any exploitation of the content for commercial or inappropriate purpose.

4.3 All software used on the Site is the property of Diamond Resupply or its software suppliers and is protected by law.


5. Customer Duties

5.1 You agree to cooperate with any investigation of Diamond Resupply regarding fraudulent or improper activities such as ( including but not limited to ): false claims regarding non-receipt of products or services, fraudulent chargebacks, stealing of property or ideas belonging to or entrusted to Diamond Resupply.

5.2 You agree to indemnify and hold Diamond Resupply and its employees, harmless from any claims, demands, losses or costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, due to or arising out of your use of our services, your breach of these Terms and Conditions, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.


6. Customer Rights

6.1 The customer has the right to contact our live support or admins at any time if a problem with their current or future order arises.

6.2 The customer has the right to rate, comment and give feedback on our service.

6.3 The customer with limited rights provided by Diamond Resupply can view all parts of the website ( visible and available to clients ) and are permitted to voice their opinions on them and in cases of errors, bugs, or inaccuracy of the information contact the admins to request maintenance.